My Inner Mom Voice

One night around 1:00 am when Sweetness was a few weeks old I had spent almost two hours desperately trying to get her to sleep.  I was walking the floors with her in my arms when out of nowhere I heard a quietly confident inner voice say hold her a little higher over your shoulder. Being sleep deprived, I didn’t question the unsolicited advice, I immediately obeyed and sure enough Sweetness settled in and got cozy.  A few minutes later she finally drifted off to sleep and I was getting ready to put her in her co-sleeper.  Hold her a few minutes more, she’s not yet fully asleep the voice whispered.  Again I instantly complied.  I stared at the clock while the minutes passed.  Ok, put her down gently.  I laid her softly in her bed and climbed into mine, exhausted.  I heard her squirm and panicked, she’s just getting comfortable let her be the reassuring voice piped in. I paused, then silence.  Ah, a sleeping angel.

That was my first experience with my inner mom voice or mother’s intuition, gut feeling, whatever you call it, us mothers have it.  We really do.  It is our own inner wisdom that comes to us in those moments we need it most.  You know, it is the voice that tells us when something isn’t quite right with our child and conversely, it tells us when things are just fine and we needn’t worry about our little one.  I’ve come to listen to my inner mom voice and trust it, so far it’s given me excellent guidance in raising my baby girl.  I hope you’ll trust yours too.


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