I Love Her

I said this pretty much daily during my 3rd trimester with Sweetness.  I couldn’t wait to meet her, I couldn’t wait to hold her and I couldn’t wait to see her.  I was already in love with her on the inside and couldn’t wait to fall in love with her on the outside. Today I was really feeling it.  I just love everything about her.  Her smile, her laugh, her smell, her snuggles, her yelling, her piggy toes, her beautiful long fingers. EVERYTHING.

Lately she seems like she is really growing up.  She is only 8 months but she seems so mature or something.  Even my husband commented last night, she’s getting so grown up.  I remember in the early newborn days I couldn’t wait until she was 3 months.  Everyone said they are so fun at 3 months.  I really couldn’t see much beyond the 3 month mark so how did we get to 8 months already?

She lookes like she is at least 5 here, maybe 10:

Days like this I just want to hold on to every little second.  I worry that time is passing too quickly and then I think (God willing) I have my whole life to be with her so enjoy.  As corny as what I am about to say sounds, it’s true. The day she was born I felt complete.  I had never had that feeling before and didn’t know it until that day. She was the missing piece to my puzzle.  I felt so content.  I tried so long to have her, prayed so hard that she would come into my life and when she did I felt whole.  I’ve heard people say that you should already be a complete person on your own and anything or anyone else that comes into your life should be the icing on your cake.  If that is the case, then she is everything that makes my cake good.


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