I’m a Moron (eczema update #2)

So I’m doing this whole elimination diet right? Because I listened to my inner mom voice which suspected Sweetness had a dairy allergy, right?  So why on earth did I feel the need to introduce her to baby yogurt today?  Let me tell you the aftermath was scary.  She only took three bites and decided it wasn’t for her.  Ok, fine.  About 10 minutes later I noticed the two fingers she enjoys sucking and put in her mouth immediately after the yogurt had tiny welts on them. I immediately rinsed them under the faucet and thought ok, that isn’t good.

I held her in my arms and walked over to the slider door as she loves to look outside and I hear this phlegmy rattling sound.  I look at her face and her lips are swollen up like balloons and she has small welts around her mouth.  I’m in panic mode now.  I frantically dial the pediatricians emergency line and I get a nurse.  Is she in respiratory distress? she asked.  Um, I don’t think so I respond.  Her color looked good and she was mostly herself aside from her licking her fat lips as I’m sure they felt funny to her. Get to the store now and give her benadryl were my orders.

Thank God I live literally five minutes to the nearest store to which I drove no less than 60 mph.  I had Sweetness with me still in her jammies and I ran down the aisles of Walmart frantically looking for the anti-histamine.  She was really sounding wheezy at this point (later the nurse told me her tongue was probably swelling, can you say horrifying?).  Sweetness isn’t the best medicine taker so it wasn’t pretty trying to get the meds down the hatch but I did it quickly and within a few minutes she was sounding and looking better.

The rest of the day she was her normal self completely unfazed by the mornings events although I do have to say that after the second dose of medicine she was bouncing off the walls and bucked her afternoon nap. I, however, was an utter mess all day.  My heart was pounding in my chest for a better portion of the morning and I had to take Sweetness out for a 30 minute walk to burn off the adrenaline pumping through me.

I just feel like SUCH AN IDIOT.  I mean, sure, I didn’t know for 100% certainty that she was allergic to dairy or anything else for that matter as she’s never been formally diagnosed.  I thought the worst thing would be she’d have an eczema flare up (and boy did it flare up yesterday).  Jeez that was really naive of me.

We’re off to see an allergist next month at the request of her pediatrician so we’ll know more then and I will definitely post an update. In the meantime, I’m carrying benadryl with me everywhere and continuing the elimination diet and trying to slow down my racing heart.


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