New Things

Just a quick update to let you know that Sweetness can crawl (and she scales everything in sight)!  Yes, we have mobility and she is into everything!  I call her my little meerkat.  She is adorable when she gets up on her little knees to check out her surroundings.  The good news is that she can crawl to wherever I am in the house because Sweetness loves to be by her momma’s side.  My little shadow 🙂

She is talking.  Seriously.  She can say momma, dada and nay, nay (whatever that means!) along with a bunch of musical jibberish that I love to hear. And when she says Momma her little mouth makes the shape of an “o”…I just want to bite her little face off!

Her eczema is almost cleared up since we cut out all her allergens.  Although she did have a flare up when I gave her corn so I’m thinking she could be sensitive to it.

She is finally getting baptized in June.  Looking forward to shopping for a white cotton dress for her!  I’m thinking something like this from Etsy.

Ok, I gotta head to bed but I’ll be writing again soon after Sweetness’ 9 month well visit this week!

P.S.  I went to my first post baby yoga class at local studio and it was wonderful.  I’ll definitely be making it a part of my weekly schedule.  I felt like a different person on the mat though.  It’s so strange how motherhood really changes your personality. I’m still me, just different.


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