Nine Month Well Visit, etc.

She’s doing excellent.

19lbs 1oz 50th percentile, 28 1/4 inches 67th percentile

I really think the nurse was being generous with her height b/c she measured twice and took the longer measurement.  Her father and I are total midgets so I’d be surprised if she’s tall but hey, you never know!  A couple of my brothers are tall so it’s in the gene pool!

They also gave her a finger stick to check for lead (standard procedure) and boy can that girl bleed!  Yikes.  She filled up the vile in seconds and then she bled the rest of the way home.  Amazing how much a tiny person can bleed out of a finger prick. Anyway, she did wonderful and I’m proud of her.  I really am, I am just SO proud to be her Mom.

Sweetness is still waking up at night to nurse and her Dr suggested that we night wean her.  Oh boy.  That ought to be an adventure.  I’ve already started with changing her bedtime routine and not nursing her to sleep and I’ll see if that makes a difference. The thing is , I don’t pump so a bottle isn’t really an option and she’s allergic to milk so I’m not going to introduce formula at this stage so…..night weaning it is.  I just know my sleeping will be even more disrupted if I deny her milk at 2 a.m. but I really need her to STTN.  I am a tired Mommy but then again, all mommies are tired, aren’t they?

We had another awesome weekend with her.  My sister and two year old nephew came to visit and Sweetness ADORES him.  It is so fun to watch them together.  I only wish we lived closer 😦

Lastly, her birthday has been weighing on my mind a lot lately and I know it’s time to start planning and ordering stuff.  I think I’m going with this theme.  But I like this one too so we’ll see.  I’m also on the hunt for a good recipe for a dairy free, egg free cake for us to eat.

I’ll leave you with a recent pic of my girl about to get into the baker’s rack.  LOVE HER.


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