One Of Those Weeks….

that I never want to end.  What an awesome week I’ve had with Sweetness.  I think 10 months is yet another one of my favorite stages.  She is so interactive, crawling, standing up, laughing, talking (well, sorta), and I swear I fall in love with her all over again everyday it seems.

We eat lunch together everyday and earlier this week as I was sitting there eating my sandwich and she was eating her ditali, my heart was so full.  I was thinking how happy I was to have her in my life and how FUN it is to be with her everyday and how she has become my little buddy and how much I am going to miss her when she has her own life and goes off to first grade.  I found myself tearing up as took the next bite of ham sandwich.  Yes folks, leave it to me to not enjoy the moment and project 6 years into the future and see myself feeling sad.  But I think that is precisely why I got sad, because I was enjoying the moment so much and I never wanted it to end.

Later that same day we went for a dip in her new plastic pool as it was unseasonably hot in New England for May.  She was her usual cautious self and was unsure what to make of the blue plastic filled with water but she sorta warmed up by the end.  I practically had to get in with her (which reminded me that I desperately need to get to the mall to find a bathing suit) while she clung to me for dear life but I think it was a success overall.

At times I can’t believe how quickly this year is going.  Everyone says to enjoy her as it goes fast and it couldn’t be more true.  She has enriched and enhanced my life beyond words.  I love our little life together….the morning routine, the errands, moms groups, the library, shopping, walks, lunch, dinner, playtime….all of it.  Today I was holding her and she was getting sleepy and started sucking her fingers and twirling MY hair. It was the most precious thing in the world.  I mean life just doesn’t get better than this.

Motherhood is like nothing else in the world. Thank you for coming to me Sweetness.


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