Before I Forget…

I’d like to write down memories I have of Sweetness during her first year of life (which is sadly coming to a close).  I was inspired by this post on one of my favorite blogs, My Mom Genes.  Most of these thoughts and memories won’t mean anything to anyone except me and I’m not even talking about milestones or when she got her first teeth.  I am talking about moments, smiles, Sweetness’ preferences, special times, days that have truly enhanced my life beyond anything that I could have imagined.  So here goes….

I used to dance with you when you were a newborn….you loved to be walked and carried during your fussy time and I put music on and would just dance with you and I loved it.

Sometimes when you couldn’t sleep at night I’d lay you across my belly and you could sleep there for hours – I even fell asleep too!

Up until you were 10 months, when you got excited, happy or scared you’d kick your legs like crazy.  It was so cute.

You cry or yell at me when I leave the room.

You need to warm up to others first before you let them hold you.  If someone tries to hold you right away, you cry or desperately reach for me.

You went through the 4 month wakeful period and you’d wake up so happy and think everything was so funny….I even caught myself laughing with you despite the 2:30 am wake up.

This morning you looked directly at me and said “Mama”.  It was beautiful.

Nursing has been such an amazing bonding experience with you.

Up until you were about 9 months old, you only wanted me at bedtime.

Earlier this week we went in an elevator and I was carrying you, when the doors shut and the elevator started to move, you held onto my arm tightly.  So sweet.

Starting at about 7 months old you fell in love with music and would dance anytime you heard a rhythm.

Sometimes in the afternoon we lay down together and take awesomely long naps. It’s heaven.

You love balloons and flowers.

Daddy loved it when you took naps on him when you were a newborn (and I think you did too!).

You love to grab Daddy’s glasses.

You are not an easy, laid back baby but I love that about you.  I like that you don’t give up until your needs are met.  I feel like it makes me a better mother for some reason. You’ve taught me so much.

The first few times you sat up in a grocery cart you cried and were scared because it was something new.  I found myself carrying you in one hand and pushing the cart with the other!

During your first winter we used to push you in the stroller around the house for fun.

So far, I don’t need to gate the stairs.  I showed you twice how to come down on your belly and you are a pro.

I cherish the time we spend together and look forward to creating many more memories.


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