12 month stats

Just a quick update to share Sweetness’ well visit.  I’m happy to report that she is a happy, healthy child!   She is  20 lbs 2oz, 29 1/2 inches and can I say that I am thrilled that I can officially turn her car seat to forward facing?  Sweetness has never been fond of the car and I’m hoping that by turning her around she will become better about taking longer drives.  I’d really like to be able to take the 2.5 hour drive to visit my sister and nephew more often!!!  So I’m taking a trip to the local car seat technician this week!

She only had the Hep A vaccine at this visit even though she was due for the MMR and Varivax.  Apparently because of her egg allergy the pediatrician said we should hold off.  So we have an appointment with the allergist next month and will find out if she is still allergic to eggs (and milk, nuts, rye, rice, oat and shellfish)!

Some of the things she is doing:

She gives kisses whenever anyone leaves the house or any building for that matter. When we were leaving music class at the library last week, she sees everyone walking out the door and puckers up and does her MWAH! sound.  So cute!

She can understand pretty much anything we say now.  My husband asked her to play a song on her music box and she crawled right over to it and pressed the button to start the tunes.  I couldn’t believe she not only understood him, but obeyed!

Still no interest in walking but she does cruise and the pedi was satisfied with that.  I am in no hurry for her to walk so she can take her sweet time.

She has eight teeth and her molars are coming in.  Her poor gums are so swollen and giving her a hard time.  I wish teething wasn’t so rough on her.

She can sign “food”, “done”, and she can almost do “more”.  One of the moms at the moms group jokingly told me not to teach her more b/c once they learn it, they never stop asking for “more!”

I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!


Happy Birthday Sweetness!

So I’m a few days late…..throwing a 1st birthday party is a big deal and lots of work but totally worth it and so much fun!

Sweetness clung to me all day and wouldn’t let anybody hold her other than my husband.  She doesn’t like a crowd and was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention. In typical Sweetness style, she stared down the guests and bore holes through them when they tried to coax her out of her shyness.  She wasn’t having ANY OF IT people!

As tiring as it was to hold her for hours in 90 degree humidity and play hostess, I loved that she told people to back off and put down her boundaries.  She was basically like  “I want my Mommy to hold me and nobody else and I may only be one but you can’t trick me into anything, thankyouverymuch!”  Of course I will raise her with manners and teach her please and thank you and all of that but as someone who is a people pleaser, it’s nice to see my daughter just be herself and “say” it like it is.

On another note, how has a year gone by?  I know, it’ so cliche about how time flies when you have a child.  But it’s SO true.  I couldn’t even fathom this day a  year ago and it’s come and gone.  Best year of my life.  Nothing compares to motherhood.  It is the single best thing I ever did and I feel so lucky and blessed to have Sweetness (in case I haven’t said it before).

I got pretty emotional when I put her down for the morning nap.  I just stared at her and started crying.  I thought of how hard I prayed for her,  how long I waited for her, how I called for her and she came to me.  I remembered the day she was born and how complete I felt when I held her.  All of the cherished, sweet moments I have had with her this past year.  How we survived the first 8 weeks of fussiness.  How lucky (and that is too mild of a word) I feel that she chose me as her Mom.  I stared down at her tiny babyness and her 12 month perfection and it all got to me and I bawled.

Sweetness, I love you more than life itself and I would do anything in the world for you.  I look forward to many, many more years of birthdays with you and watching you grow up.  Thank you for making us a family and bringing endless joy to my life.

Love, Mommy

Here is what one year old Sweetness looks like (love her curls!)

Beauty School Dropout

Ok so I really didn’t go to beauty school but I forgot how much I enjoy make-up and all things beauty until recently.  Once in awhile I like to do a post about my interests so I can encourage other moms to stay interested in their passions and hobbies.  I know for me, especially being at home, I can get so caught up in Sweetness and her needs and play groups and taking care of the household, etc. that I can forget about myself.  I think as Moms, in general, we can easily put ourselves last while we’re nurturing our families.

I remember as a teenager I met with a Mary Kay consultant and she taught me how to put on eye shadow and eyeliner and told me which colors look good on me.  I distinctly remember a sea green eyeliner pencil I LOVED and wore daily, hahaha. There was a shelf in my bedroom filled with bright pink and deep red bottles of Wet ‘n Wild nail polish lined up neatly and proudly displayed.  I must have done my nails twice a week for years.  Now I can’t remember the last time I did them.  For real.  And that is kind of depressing to me.  I mean, where is that girl?  What happens to us as we become wives and mothers?  I guess we grow up and our priorities change and doing our nails twice a week just seems frivolous.  Or I think what really happens is that we simply don’t have the leisure time we once did.

My husband who prefers my face sans make-up asked me “why are you wearing that stuff, you don’t need it.”  “Because it’s FUN!”, I replied.  It’s good for my soul to reconnect with a part of myself that was carefree, young and creative.  That is the essence of any hobby, no?  It’s just plain fun and something that brings enjoyment.

It’s kind of cool how babies automatically play and have fun.  It’s just in their nature to get excited over the littlest thing.  They are so in the moment and it’s awesome to watch.

When Sweetness goes to bed, I scour beauty blogs and youtube for make-up tutorials (I’ve learned tons of new beauty secrets!) and product reviews.  So many wonderful women (many are moms) out there doing what they love and it’s inspiring and educational.

The strange thing is, I don’t even wear a ton of make-up but I have to admit that lipstick and blush are my weakness!  I am hoping to do a post very soon about my new favorite blogs, products and must-haves.   If anyone is interested in anything specific let me know.  If I feel brave, I may even put some pics in there of my FOTD (face of the day).  <—- new lingo I’ve learned!

I can’t wait to see the kinds of hobbies Sweetness will enjoy.  I will encourage her to follow whatever her heart desires and remind her to nurture her soul and have creative outlets.  Why?  Because it’s FUN!!!!

I leave you with a link to a great blog by Emily Eddington, she reviews and swatches some great neutral lipsticks that are all the rage these days.


Sick Baby

Sweetness has her first fever related virus. Took her to the pedi today and he thought it was hand, foot and mouth but couldn’t confirm. Regardless, she is miserable! I’ve never seen her so unhappy and un-herself. She is clingy and whiny and up all hours of the night in pain. Her 12 month molars are making their presence which isn’t helping matters.


Well hopefully she’ll be feeling better by the weekend. She’s lucky and so am I b/c she’s basically been in excellent health so we can deal with this nasty virus and move on! It is hard to see your little ones in pain though. Such a helpless feeling as a parent to not be able to take away your little ones hurts.

She was so stinkin’ adorable in the pediatricians office though. He was asking me about her eating habits in the last few days and I was saying that she hasn’t eaten much but her Daddy was able to feed her a good bit of dinner last night. All of a sudden I see her signing the word for “food”. She totally understood what the dr and I were talking about and knew to sign for food! Srsly, can you stand it? I mean, she blew me away when she did that. They understand SO much more than we give them credit for. Well than I give her credit for! Go Sweetness. I guess this means Mommy has to watch her potty mouth 🙂

I suppose it’s good she’s getting her virus out of the way b/c next weekend is her big first birthday bash! Hooray! And boo!! Still can’t believe my baby is going to be one. Just have to live in the moment.

Here is a recent pic of her playing in her pool.