Beauty School Dropout

Ok so I really didn’t go to beauty school but I forgot how much I enjoy make-up and all things beauty until recently.  Once in awhile I like to do a post about my interests so I can encourage other moms to stay interested in their passions and hobbies.  I know for me, especially being at home, I can get so caught up in Sweetness and her needs and play groups and taking care of the household, etc. that I can forget about myself.  I think as Moms, in general, we can easily put ourselves last while we’re nurturing our families.

I remember as a teenager I met with a Mary Kay consultant and she taught me how to put on eye shadow and eyeliner and told me which colors look good on me.  I distinctly remember a sea green eyeliner pencil I LOVED and wore daily, hahaha. There was a shelf in my bedroom filled with bright pink and deep red bottles of Wet ‘n Wild nail polish lined up neatly and proudly displayed.  I must have done my nails twice a week for years.  Now I can’t remember the last time I did them.  For real.  And that is kind of depressing to me.  I mean, where is that girl?  What happens to us as we become wives and mothers?  I guess we grow up and our priorities change and doing our nails twice a week just seems frivolous.  Or I think what really happens is that we simply don’t have the leisure time we once did.

My husband who prefers my face sans make-up asked me “why are you wearing that stuff, you don’t need it.”  “Because it’s FUN!”, I replied.  It’s good for my soul to reconnect with a part of myself that was carefree, young and creative.  That is the essence of any hobby, no?  It’s just plain fun and something that brings enjoyment.

It’s kind of cool how babies automatically play and have fun.  It’s just in their nature to get excited over the littlest thing.  They are so in the moment and it’s awesome to watch.

When Sweetness goes to bed, I scour beauty blogs and youtube for make-up tutorials (I’ve learned tons of new beauty secrets!) and product reviews.  So many wonderful women (many are moms) out there doing what they love and it’s inspiring and educational.

The strange thing is, I don’t even wear a ton of make-up but I have to admit that lipstick and blush are my weakness!  I am hoping to do a post very soon about my new favorite blogs, products and must-haves.   If anyone is interested in anything specific let me know.  If I feel brave, I may even put some pics in there of my FOTD (face of the day).  <—- new lingo I’ve learned!

I can’t wait to see the kinds of hobbies Sweetness will enjoy.  I will encourage her to follow whatever her heart desires and remind her to nurture her soul and have creative outlets.  Why?  Because it’s FUN!!!!

I leave you with a link to a great blog by Emily Eddington, she reviews and swatches some great neutral lipsticks that are all the rage these days.


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  1. Michelle (LipstickRules)
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 20:39:37

    Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for letting me know about you! Can’t wait to read your blog now 😉



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