Happy Birthday Sweetness!

So I’m a few days late…..throwing a 1st birthday party is a big deal and lots of work but totally worth it and so much fun!

Sweetness clung to me all day and wouldn’t let anybody hold her other than my husband.  She doesn’t like a crowd and was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention. In typical Sweetness style, she stared down the guests and bore holes through them when they tried to coax her out of her shyness.  She wasn’t having ANY OF IT people!

As tiring as it was to hold her for hours in 90 degree humidity and play hostess, I loved that she told people to back off and put down her boundaries.  She was basically like  “I want my Mommy to hold me and nobody else and I may only be one but you can’t trick me into anything, thankyouverymuch!”  Of course I will raise her with manners and teach her please and thank you and all of that but as someone who is a people pleaser, it’s nice to see my daughter just be herself and “say” it like it is.

On another note, how has a year gone by?  I know, it’ so cliche about how time flies when you have a child.  But it’s SO true.  I couldn’t even fathom this day a  year ago and it’s come and gone.  Best year of my life.  Nothing compares to motherhood.  It is the single best thing I ever did and I feel so lucky and blessed to have Sweetness (in case I haven’t said it before).

I got pretty emotional when I put her down for the morning nap.  I just stared at her and started crying.  I thought of how hard I prayed for her,  how long I waited for her, how I called for her and she came to me.  I remembered the day she was born and how complete I felt when I held her.  All of the cherished, sweet moments I have had with her this past year.  How we survived the first 8 weeks of fussiness.  How lucky (and that is too mild of a word) I feel that she chose me as her Mom.  I stared down at her tiny babyness and her 12 month perfection and it all got to me and I bawled.

Sweetness, I love you more than life itself and I would do anything in the world for you.  I look forward to many, many more years of birthdays with you and watching you grow up.  Thank you for making us a family and bringing endless joy to my life.

Love, Mommy

Here is what one year old Sweetness looks like (love her curls!)


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