Hand, Foot, Mouth and Everything Else…

Two weeks ago Sweetness had music class, library time, and playdates which meant lots of fun with friends and well, germs.  The week ended with her second illness of her babyhood – a 103.7 fever, and an unhappy baby.  A visit to the pedi confirmed the virus coxsackie (aka hand, foot and mouth) which is very common in the summer.  The good news was that she seemed to contract a mild version of the virus and was herself in no time.  I have to say though, watching her almost be inconsolable was not a pleasant experience for my husband or myself and I was grateful that I am still breastfeeding.  As that was the only thing that seemed to comfort her.

In other news, Sweetness is cruising around everywhere!  She even did a teeny tiny step on her own today at the library.  She was dying to play with the big kids that were there and that motivated her to take a step closer to the girls playing with the puppets. I found myself gasping and saying to my husband “did you see THAT?!!”  So I’m sure in less time than I would like, my baby will be toddling around, which also prompted us to buy her first pair of Stride Rites.  Isn’t that like a rite of passage for every parent and child?  I have to admit, she looks absolutely adorable in her pink mary janes.

I find myself looking at her everyday and catching my breath.  She is growing up.  She is taller, busier, smarter, older and every other -er you can think of.  Sweetness is also starting to talk.  Yup.  She actually repeats certain words.  My husband asked her the other day  “would you like a freeze pop?” and she says “pop!”  Are you kidding me?  I about fell over when I heard her.  And she also says fish, in her vernacular it’s “ish” and my husband swears she can say purple but I think he might be hearing things.

And my own vent that I just have to get out there.  Yes I’m still breastfeeding.  My kid is allergic to milk and so well, you do what you have to do.  But what I want to know is WHY DO PEOPLE CARE?  I mean I can’t tell you how many people have asked “so how long are you going to breastfeed?”  I know, I know, the question is probably innocent but when you’ve been asked 15 times by the same people well, it gets annoying.  The truth is, I don’t know how long.  But gosh, why in the world do people care so much?  Is it really that horrible to breastfeed past a year?  Get over it people!

Here is a pic of my girl.  I love how she is so engrossed in playing with her new toy. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head.


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