What She’s Been Up To

Sweetness is taking unassisted steps!  HOORAY!  She hasn’t really shown a whole lot of interest in walking by herself but about a week or so ago, she started taking tiny steps on her own…first it was to go from one piece of furniture to another, she’d get the nerve to take a step.  Then she wanted to get to the stairs so she’d let go of her exersaucer and take the leap of faith.  Then finally she took four or five steps to her Momma!!!

Anyway, it’s very exciting and I know in a matter of weeks she’ll be walking all on her own.  I’m in no rush and she isn’t either so I’m cool with it taking as long as it needs to.

THREE molars came in as well….finally!  Those suckers have been brewing all summer.  The fourth one is on it’s way.  It’s funny how excited I get over new teeth and they aren’t even mine!

She also got ANOTHER round of coxsackie which took me five days and three horrific night wakings, and a hand blister for me to figure out.  Wow, what a rough week that was, so glad that it’s over.  Sleep deprivation is torture.  Literally.  My therapist friend always tells me that they use sleep deprivation to torture people into telling them stuff.

We had a great day today.  Went to the local dairy farm and saw the cows, geese, donkey and baby calf.  She loved it.  She now knows that the cow says moo and she even practiced saying it herself.  So cute.  Then we stopped by the Greek Festival (Sweetness has Greek blood running through her veins thanks to Daddy) and I thought it would be fun for her to see her roots, not really, but it was fun 🙂

I’m also on the hunt for a house for us.  We live in a condo and while it’s been perfect for us for many years I feel a pull toward a home.  I want to have a backyard and a swing set and a pool (that one may be a pipe dream) for Sweetness.  I’m hoping we’ll be in a house at this time next year but my husband says I’m on drugs.  We’ll see 🙂

Oh and we finally turned the carseat around and yup, Sweetness still loathes the car.  Here’s a pic of her in her big girl carseat – Daddy is making her smile.


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