Apple Picking

Went to a local apple orchard with hubs and Sweetness and man, that was more fun than I anticipated.  Watching Sweetness thoroughly enjoy herself made my day delightful. Everyone says how amazing it is to see the world through a child’s eyes and it’s true. Everything is new and exciting and adventurous.

Sweetness was ridiculously cute.  Her Daddy had her bjorned to his chest and she took in all the sights and munched on two apples and watched the other children. She had a ball.  I know I’m not even giving justice to the day with these words.  But I know I won’t forget today.  The look on her face, her enjoying her apples, content in her Daddy’s arms.  Me feeling complete and utter joy with the simplicity of picking apples on a Saturday in the fall with my little family.

Our day in pictures…..


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