A Few New Things

A few things I want to remember about my girl and what she’s been up to in her 16th month on this Earth!

I am lazy and don’t wake up early enough to completely finish my morning routine of showering/getting ready for the day.  So….I’m often putting on make-up and Sweetness is not-so-patiently waiting for me to hurry up and finish.  One thing I’ve done to distract her is to take my eyeliner and draw a smiley face on her hand.  She LOVES it and points to it all day.  Then asks for it again the next morning!

She learned her first number! Yes folks, she knows the number one.  It’s from listening to her toddler tunes all.day.long.  One day as a song with the number one was playing she held up her index finger.  At first I didn’t know what she was doing but remembered that is what I have done when the song comes on – she was mocking me, lol.

These toddler tunes are mind numbing but she is really learning something.  She knows how to do the hokey pokey….ok so she only knows how to turn around and shake one foot but it’s a start.

She loves to set her place at the table.  One day she took one of her plastic flowered plates and grabbed my hand and led me to the table so she could put it at her seat.

She literally begs to eat off my plate at night…I don’t know why…we basically eat the same thing.  But this particular night I had spaghetti to her ditalini and she squawked for my plate so I let her have it and she slurped on my spaghetti.  IT WAS SO CUTE.  She couldn’t get enough of it.  Ahhhhh…a girl after my own heart.  I adore spaghetti.

This isn’t really new but she is obsessed with traffic lights.  She gets so excited when she sees them.  We’ve explained to her that red means stop and taught her to hold up her hand to gesture ‘stop’.  It’s the little things.

I think she’s ambidextrous.  She holds her utensils with either hand.  She might favor the left slightly it’s hard to tell which hand will be dominant.  We have some ambidextrous relatives on either side so I guess time will tell.

She hated to have her teeth brushed before we introduced the toddler training toothpaste.  I highly recommend as she will now brush her own teeth (and I follow up).

Lastly, she has the most beautiful head of fluffy curls.  I love her hair.  It’s funny, in my day dreams about having a little girl (I knew in my heart I’d have one), she always had curly hair.  She really is my dream come true.

Love you Sweetness….even though you keep me up at night, pull my hair and occasionally bite me.  You’re still the best little baby girl a Mama could ever hope for.



Our Fun Fall

This has probably been the most fun I’ve had during a Fall season.  We’ve been apple picking, hayriding, trick-or-treating, and tons of time playing outside.  I think I might be having more fun that Sweetness!  She’s getting so big.  Officially walking!  Hooray!  It only took her 15 months.  Same age as her Mama started walking 🙂 She’s truly a toddler now and at times I look at her and CANNOT believe how grown up she is becoming.

She is such sweetheart and gives me the biggest, tightest hugs.  I can’t stand it.  It just goes straight to my heart and I soak in the moment and always let her pull away first. Even if I have a million things to do, I hug her tightly back and wait for her to walk away.  I figure when she’s a hormonal 13 year old I’ll have these memories to keep me going!

Music is one of her favorite things.  She asks for it at home and in the car.  And I wake up in the middle of the night with Old McDonald Had A Farm playing in my head.  She just learned how to do the hokey pokey, well sort of, she only knows how to turn herself around and it’s stinkin’ adorable.

We go to a weekly Music and Movement class at the local library and in addition to her having a ball, she really has learned so much from it.  Today she was listening to a song that had numbers 1-10 and on the number one, she held up her index finger. I asked her later how to do the number one and she held up her finger.  I was awe struck.  Babies are so smart – they are sponges.  It’s amazing to watch.

Ok, enough bragging.  Here are a couple pics of our Sweetness enjoying the Fall….

15 Month Stats

Just a quick update…..Sweetness had her well visit and got the dreaded MMR shot and a booster.  She seems to be doing very well!  The pedi was impressed with her vocabulary.  She really talks up a storm and repeats so much of what we say.  I can’t wait to start having conversations with her!

She is 20lbs 12 oz, 31 1/2 inches and I forgot to ask the percentile.  All I know is that she is happy, healthy and growing.  We have started with soy milk and she seems to like it ok.  We’ll know in January if she is still has her food allergies.  I’m pretty sure that she still does now.

More to come when I’m not so tired….we did a hayride and Halloween trick or treating…what a good time!  I haven’t had this much Fall fun in forever.

A quick sneak peak at the costumes (yes I dressed up for the first time since 1986).