Our Fun Fall

This has probably been the most fun I’ve had during a Fall season.  We’ve been apple picking, hayriding, trick-or-treating, and tons of time playing outside.  I think I might be having more fun that Sweetness!  She’s getting so big.  Officially walking!  Hooray!  It only took her 15 months.  Same age as her Mama started walking 🙂 She’s truly a toddler now and at times I look at her and CANNOT believe how grown up she is becoming.

She is such sweetheart and gives me the biggest, tightest hugs.  I can’t stand it.  It just goes straight to my heart and I soak in the moment and always let her pull away first. Even if I have a million things to do, I hug her tightly back and wait for her to walk away.  I figure when she’s a hormonal 13 year old I’ll have these memories to keep me going!

Music is one of her favorite things.  She asks for it at home and in the car.  And I wake up in the middle of the night with Old McDonald Had A Farm playing in my head.  She just learned how to do the hokey pokey, well sort of, she only knows how to turn herself around and it’s stinkin’ adorable.

We go to a weekly Music and Movement class at the local library and in addition to her having a ball, she really has learned so much from it.  Today she was listening to a song that had numbers 1-10 and on the number one, she held up her index finger. I asked her later how to do the number one and she held up her finger.  I was awe struck.  Babies are so smart – they are sponges.  It’s amazing to watch.

Ok, enough bragging.  Here are a couple pics of our Sweetness enjoying the Fall….


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