Winter Storms

It’s been quite a winter in New England.  We had a big storm at the end of December than another huge blizzard last week that left us under more than two feet of snow. We dressed Sweetness up in her snow gear (and I finally got some decent warm weather gear as well) and took her out into the elements.  She loved it.

She’s doing really well and is becoming her own person.  It still takes me aback when she gives strangers dirty looks or puts someone in their place like she did with my brother at Christmas.  He ticked her off and she threw tissue paper at him and gave him a death stare.  Seriously, she was pissed!  Even I was scared, LOL.  I love how she’s just totally herself and I hope that I can always encourage her to be true to herself and let her inner spirit shine.

Below is us at lunch the other day.  I had her cracking up.  Oh and she can also be such a clown.  She was actually falling down on purpose recently trying to get a laugh out of me.  That is the kind of stuff that makes real life with her so much better than all the fantasies I had when dreaming of becoming of a mother.  SO MUCH BETTER.


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