A gifted photographer I love inspired me to take these photos.  Crista Acosta is so amazingly talented.  Her blog posts can make me tear up and her photos are just breathtaking.  She’s done a few series of shots of her kids on her bed and I just loved them so thought I’d set up the tripod in our room.  Sweetness and I have taken many a nap on our bed and even jumped on it together!  Shhhh don’t tell my husband.

I took a bunch of pics and then realized I had my settings wrong so had to take more and by then Sweetness was  Needless to say I didn’t end up with much but these are ok.

Oh and not that anyone cares but I finally purchased Photoshop Elements 9 and made minor adjustments to fix the color (and crop out the distracting frame above us) in the pics as I basically know squat at the moment, but the retouched photos were taking FOREVER to upload to the blog and well, it was bedtime so….these are the originals.

I love the way he is listening and looking at her so intently:

Sweet snuggles:

We love playing with her:

My favorite:


Letter Factory

I have to brag and also thank a wonderful, intelligent online group of moms I adore. They recommended this video for Sweetness to learn her letters and sounds.


She had zero interest in television prior to this video but after a couple of times having it on in the background she begged for it.  A few weeks later, (maybe two?) Sweetness learned all the sounds of the alphabet.  Seriously. I didn’t think it was possible but I know better than to doubt my online mom experts.  A few weeks after that, she identified letters when I held up two or three at a time.  I would ask her “which one is the letter C” and so on, 90% of the time she pointed to the correct letter.  So Moms, RUN out to buy this DVD if you are trying to teach your child the letters and sounds.

And a pic for fun….she’s being silly but I just love the light in the picture.  It was taken in late afternoon and the light is really pretty that time of day.

18 month well visit

Sweetness went last month and I’ve been upset over the visit so I haven’t posted about it.  But I’ve had time to think and realize that everything is ok with her so it’s all good. Sweetness is her usual healthy self but the pedi was concerned about her weight.  She only gained a few ounces since her 15 month visit.  So he said that “we’ll keep an eye on it” so I thought ok no big deal.  Then he says “let’s see her back in 6-8 wks for a weight check”.  On the outside I was like “sure, ok”.  My inner dialogue when something like this “WHAAAT?  Is this serious, is she underweight or something, is everything ok? What is she, like a newborn or something?  Am I feeding her enough?”  I was caught off guard and couldn’t think of anything to rebuttal except for an ok.  I did ask him what he was looking for at the next visit and he said “an increase in weight or that she maintains the weight she’s at now”.

I freaked out on the way home and questioned my mothering skills and suddenly found myself at the grocery store scanning the aisles for the fattiest food I could find for Sweetness.  I came home with sausage, red meat, tater tots, pretzels and I tried to find soy ice cream to no avail.  Over the next day or two I fed her  Of course by dinner she didn’t want to eat and I panicked about that too.

Thank God my inner mom voice kicked in and realized my daughter is fine, she eats, she’s healthy.  In fact, she enjoys eating healthy.  Loves her fruits and veggies and the occasional pretzel!  I gave her a tater tot and she looked at me like “what the hell is this?!”  Wasn’t a fan.

It didn’t make sense to stuff her with unhealthy food all in the name of gaining a few ounces.  So she is lean, so what?

So that’s it.  She’s fine. She’s healthy.  She weighs 21lbs and is 2ft 8in tall. Oh and she peed on the potty too, so take that pediatrician!!!


Kiss It Better

Toddlers are notorious for taking tumbles and mine is no exception.  So as any Mama does, when Sweetness falls down, I say “Mommy will kiss it better”.  And I give her a big smooch on her boo boo.  Well the other day, Sweetness chucked some heavy object and my toe got in the way.  I wasn’t shy about letting the world know it hurt.  I sat down to assess the damage and Sweetness promptly walked over to my boo boo and kissed it better.  My heart melted for the millionth time since she came into my life.

Here she is snuggled up on my lap.  I was trying to get a good shot of her playing but she was having none of it and decided to lay on my legs.  So I pointed the camera down and this is what I got.


Stop Growing Up

She’s becoming so grown up. I came across a baby picture of her and couldn’t believe it was HER. She has changed so much yet she’s still the same. Lately she has been attached to my hip even more than usual. My husband feels like the odd man out. We’ve been stuck inside a lot lately (yes we’ve had ANOTHER snow storm) and while it’s been tough, we’re making the best of it. There is something so special (and exhausting) about being the center of someone’s universe.

Last February:


This February:

No matter how old she is, she’ll always be my baby.  Love you punkin’.