18 month well visit

Sweetness went last month and I’ve been upset over the visit so I haven’t posted about it.  But I’ve had time to think and realize that everything is ok with her so it’s all good. Sweetness is her usual healthy self but the pedi was concerned about her weight.  She only gained a few ounces since her 15 month visit.  So he said that “we’ll keep an eye on it” so I thought ok no big deal.  Then he says “let’s see her back in 6-8 wks for a weight check”.  On the outside I was like “sure, ok”.  My inner dialogue when something like this “WHAAAT?  Is this serious, is she underweight or something, is everything ok? What is she, like a newborn or something?  Am I feeding her enough?”  I was caught off guard and couldn’t think of anything to rebuttal except for an ok.  I did ask him what he was looking for at the next visit and he said “an increase in weight or that she maintains the weight she’s at now”.

I freaked out on the way home and questioned my mothering skills and suddenly found myself at the grocery store scanning the aisles for the fattiest food I could find for Sweetness.  I came home with sausage, red meat, tater tots, pretzels and I tried to find soy ice cream to no avail.  Over the next day or two I fed her all.day.long.  Of course by dinner she didn’t want to eat and I panicked about that too.

Thank God my inner mom voice kicked in and realized my daughter is fine, she eats, she’s healthy.  In fact, she enjoys eating healthy.  Loves her fruits and veggies and the occasional pretzel!  I gave her a tater tot and she looked at me like “what the hell is this?!”  Wasn’t a fan.

It didn’t make sense to stuff her with unhealthy food all in the name of gaining a few ounces.  So she is lean, so what?

So that’s it.  She’s fine. She’s healthy.  She weighs 21lbs and is 2ft 8in tall. Oh and she peed on the potty too, so take that pediatrician!!!



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