A gifted photographer I love inspired me to take these photos.  Crista Acosta is so amazingly talented.  Her blog posts can make me tear up and her photos are just breathtaking.  She’s done a few series of shots of her kids on her bed and I just loved them so thought I’d set up the tripod in our room.  Sweetness and I have taken many a nap on our bed and even jumped on it together!  Shhhh don’t tell my husband.

I took a bunch of pics and then realized I had my settings wrong so had to take more and by then Sweetness was  Needless to say I didn’t end up with much but these are ok.

Oh and not that anyone cares but I finally purchased Photoshop Elements 9 and made minor adjustments to fix the color (and crop out the distracting frame above us) in the pics as I basically know squat at the moment, but the retouched photos were taking FOREVER to upload to the blog and well, it was bedtime so….these are the originals.

I love the way he is listening and looking at her so intently:

Sweet snuggles:

We love playing with her:

My favorite:


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