Her nickname is Ally and one day we asked her to say “Ally” and she immediately responded with a cheerful “La-La!”  It was adorable.  She is really starting to learn about what belongs to Mommy, Daddy and now La-La.  She’ll point to my hair dryer and say Mama, point to Daddy’s razor and say Dada,etc.  Today though we went for a walk and I told her she needed to hold Mommy’s hand and she shook her head and said “La-La!”  It occurred to me that the terrible two’s are going to rear their head shortly (like, now) and I know I am in BIG trouble with La-La!

She’s becoming more and more independent and I know it’s a good thing but sometimes I feel like she is in more in charge than I am!  How does that happen, lol? In all seriousness though, I went to an Eating Disorder workshop over the weekend for my CEU’s and young girls really have so much to contend with societal expectations for females and as I sat there I couldn’t help but think of my Ally and all that her life has in store for her.  I said a silent prayer that I can raise a strong, resilient,  independent girl with high self-esteem who loves herself.   May she always keep her moxie and be true to herself.

On a lighter note, here are a few pics of St Patty’s Day and the ponytail she kept in her hair for all of five minutes!

I love the look on her face….I’d love to know what she is thinking:

Pony tail!!  (Yes she is holding a pen she and sitting on top of the kitchen table) I was desperate to catch a shot of her pony!

The princesses have arrived!  This little castle was a gift and she really likes playing with it with her Daddy.



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