Letter Factory

I have to brag and also thank a wonderful, intelligent online group of moms I adore. They recommended this video for Sweetness to learn her letters and sounds.

from google.com

She had zero interest in television prior to this video but after a couple of times having it on in the background she begged for it.  A few weeks later, (maybe two?) Sweetness learned all the sounds of the alphabet.  Seriously. I didn’t think it was possible but I know better than to doubt my online mom experts.  A few weeks after that, she identified letters when I held up two or three at a time.  I would ask her “which one is the letter C” and so on, 90% of the time she pointed to the correct letter.  So Moms, RUN out to buy this DVD if you are trying to teach your child the letters and sounds.

And a pic for fun….she’s being silly but I just love the light in the picture.  It was taken in late afternoon and the light is really pretty that time of day.