A gifted photographer I love inspired me to take these photos.  Crista Acosta is so amazingly talented.  Her blog posts can make me tear up and her photos are just breathtaking.  She’s done a few series of shots of her kids on her bed and I just loved them so thought I’d set up the tripod in our room.  Sweetness and I have taken many a nap on our bed and even jumped on it together!  Shhhh don’t tell my husband.

I took a bunch of pics and then realized I had my settings wrong so had to take more and by then Sweetness was  Needless to say I didn’t end up with much but these are ok.

Oh and not that anyone cares but I finally purchased Photoshop Elements 9 and made minor adjustments to fix the color (and crop out the distracting frame above us) in the pics as I basically know squat at the moment, but the retouched photos were taking FOREVER to upload to the blog and well, it was bedtime so….these are the originals.

I love the way he is listening and looking at her so intently:

Sweet snuggles:

We love playing with her:

My favorite:


Sick Baby

Sweetness has her first fever related virus. Took her to the pedi today and he thought it was hand, foot and mouth but couldn’t confirm. Regardless, she is miserable! I’ve never seen her so unhappy and un-herself. She is clingy and whiny and up all hours of the night in pain. Her 12 month molars are making their presence which isn’t helping matters.


Well hopefully she’ll be feeling better by the weekend. She’s lucky and so am I b/c she’s basically been in excellent health so we can deal with this nasty virus and move on! It is hard to see your little ones in pain though. Such a helpless feeling as a parent to not be able to take away your little ones hurts.

She was so stinkin’ adorable in the pediatricians office though. He was asking me about her eating habits in the last few days and I was saying that she hasn’t eaten much but her Daddy was able to feed her a good bit of dinner last night. All of a sudden I see her signing the word for “food”. She totally understood what the dr and I were talking about and knew to sign for food! Srsly, can you stand it? I mean, she blew me away when she did that. They understand SO much more than we give them credit for. Well than I give her credit for! Go Sweetness. I guess this means Mommy has to watch her potty mouth 🙂

I suppose it’s good she’s getting her virus out of the way b/c next weekend is her big first birthday bash! Hooray! And boo!! Still can’t believe my baby is going to be one. Just have to live in the moment.

Here is a recent pic of her playing in her pool.