Her nickname is Ally and one day we asked her to say “Ally” and she immediately responded with a cheerful “La-La!”  It was adorable.  She is really starting to learn about what belongs to Mommy, Daddy and now La-La.  She’ll point to my hair dryer and say Mama, point to Daddy’s razor and say Dada,etc.  Today though we went for a walk and I told her she needed to hold Mommy’s hand and she shook her head and said “La-La!”  It occurred to me that the terrible two’s are going to rear their head shortly (like, now) and I know I am in BIG trouble with La-La!

She’s becoming more and more independent and I know it’s a good thing but sometimes I feel like she is in more in charge than I am!  How does that happen, lol? In all seriousness though, I went to an Eating Disorder workshop over the weekend for my CEU’s and young girls really have so much to contend with societal expectations for females and as I sat there I couldn’t help but think of my Ally and all that her life has in store for her.  I said a silent prayer that I can raise a strong, resilient,  independent girl with high self-esteem who loves herself.   May she always keep her moxie and be true to herself.

On a lighter note, here are a few pics of St Patty’s Day and the ponytail she kept in her hair for all of five minutes!

I love the look on her face….I’d love to know what she is thinking:

Pony tail!!  (Yes she is holding a pen she and sitting on top of the kitchen table) I was desperate to catch a shot of her pony!

The princesses have arrived!  This little castle was a gift and she really likes playing with it with her Daddy.



Stop Growing Up

She’s becoming so grown up. I came across a baby picture of her and couldn’t believe it was HER. She has changed so much yet she’s still the same. Lately she has been attached to my hip even more than usual. My husband feels like the odd man out. We’ve been stuck inside a lot lately (yes we’ve had ANOTHER snow storm) and while it’s been tough, we’re making the best of it. There is something so special (and exhausting) about being the center of someone’s universe.

Last February:


This February:

No matter how old she is, she’ll always be my baby.  Love you punkin’.

Oh Boy!

This is Ally’s new favorite expression.  I hear it all day long.  She even knows the correct context to use those two words.

Rip my bow out of my hair, “oh boy!”  Dump my water on the floor, “oh boy!” Throw my toys across the room “oh boy!”  Toss my lunch on the floor, “oh boy!”  Empty out Mommy’s purse “oh boy!”  Destroying Mommy’s computer “oh boy!”  And a million other things that she’s not supposed to do and….”oh boy!”

Having a toddler that you have to wrestle in the car seat  “OH BOY!” It’s no surprise where she learned the phrase.